New Construction

Honolulu's Best in New Construction

At ALM Construction Design we pride our self on only using the highest industry standard and quality products to ensure the durability and extended life for your home construction. We will only build with code compliant products that consistently have the best performance rating which these products demonstrate through exhaustive testing.

Hawaii's Climate

The Hawaiian atmosphere and climate make for beautiful weather but the humidity, rain and heat also presents various challenges to home durability. That's why using the most tested and best quality materials is our priority. If you want to ensure the right products for your project that will ensure your new construction lasts and can be enjoyed for years to come, give us a call or visit us in Honolulu today.

New Construction Services

- Custom Home Construction
- Residential Remodeling and Renovation
- Addition Design
- Commercial Building Renovation
- Construction Management
- Building Permit Processing
- Project Design and Development
- Drafting Services
- Demolition
- Foundation Establishment and Repair

Affordable Prices

You might think that new home construction is out of your price range but that's not the case at all! We work with individuals and families with all kinds of budgets and all kinds of needs. Whatever your price range, give us a call and we can figure out a project that will work for you. Consultations are FREE, so you've got nothing to lose! We're waiting to hear from you now.
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