Green Construction

Dedicated to Green Construction in Honolulu

At ALM we are dedicated to preserving Hawaii's natural beauty and environmental resources. That's why we're committed to promoting “green” construction practices in all of our jobs. We continually research and integrate practical solutions to make our building projects more sustainable so that they last and we can protect one of the things that makes these islands so special . 
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Go Green

A lot of times people think that construction and renovation goes hand in hand with pollution. We're here to tell you that development and taking care of our natural resources is not impossible. In fact we're committed to that philosophy in all the new construction work that we do. We take pride in keeping Honolulu pristine and beautiful while improving your home or business!

Green Services

Our services in green construction includes the following:
- Debris Recycling
- Green Globe Environmental Assessment
- Indoor Air Pollution
- Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
Ask more about these services by calling today!

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We offer FREE consultations and quotes for all the services we offer. If you're not sure about green construction or the other construction services we provide, all you have to do is ask. There's no commitment to just sit down with us and to have us give you more information. You can schedule an appointment with one our trusted team members or just walk-in and we can start helping you right away!
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